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NFL Draft: Big O’s Mock Draft

  1. Carolina Panthers-Da’Quan Bowers: After an emotionally-charged final year at Clemson, this athlete is the complete package as both a pass-rusher and run stopper.
  2. Denver Broncos-Marcell Dareus: Dareus is the start of a defensive transformation for Denver as an unstoppable  interior force.
  3. Buffalo Bills-Blaine Gabbert: Gabbert is solid across the board, with a strong arm and quick feet, this Missouri QB looks to finally provide a long-term plan under center for the Bills.
  4. Cincinnati Bengals-AJ Green: With rumors looming of both TO and Ochocinco leaving the Bengals, Green has the talent to replace the empty spot at receiver.
  5. Arizona Cardinals-Von Miller: Two of Arizona’s starting linebackers, Haggans and Porter, will be 34 next season, so Miller has his work to cut out for him to be a dominant force in this 3-4 defense.
  6. Cleveland Browns-Nick Fairley: Fairley is arguably the ‘Beast’ of this year’s draft class, a defensive lineman that will attract a double team by opposing offenses for the next 10 years.
  7. San Francisco 49ers-Cam Newton: The ‘Niners look to replace a draft bust in Alex Smith, with a very risky but talented QB in Newton. San Francisco has weapons in Crabtree, Davis, and Gore, and Newton may just be the missing link for this team.
  8. Tennessee Titans-Corey Liuget: Liuget is Legit! The Titans are replacing a high maintenance drama queen slacker in Albert Haynesworth with a hard-working and athletic Defensive Lineman in Corey Liuget.
  9. Dallas Cowboys-Patrick Peterson: Playmaker, exciting, animal! Peterson is a lockdown DB that along with Ware, will give offensive coordinators across the league headaches when scouting Dallas’s D.
  10. Washington Redskins-Julio Jones: With the Redskin’s receiving core aging, Jones is a playmaker who can immediately help contribute in the passing game and as an electric return man.
  11. Houston Texans-Prince Amukamara: With the switch to a 3-4 and with the pressure supplied by Mario Williams, this real deal cornerback will have plenty of opportunities to make plays early on as a Texan.
  12. Minnesota Vikings-Jimmy Smith: As a tall, physical, and long armed man-to-man specialist, Smith will make every NFC North quarterback think twice when they look to his side.
  13. Detroit Lions-Anthony Castonzo: This monster from Boston College will ensure some needed protection for developing quarterback, Matt Stafford.
  14. St. Louis Rams-Danny Watkins: Watkins showed at the Senior Bowl that despite playing for the small school of Baylor, that he can block the best of the best, Watkins will immensely help in the  protection of young quarterback Sam Bradford.
  15. Miami Dolphins-Mark Ingram: Miami’s dual threat running backs of Ronnie and Ricky are getting old, Ingram will bring a spark to the running game as well as help take some attention off of the pro bowl receiver Brandon Marshall.
  16. Jacksonville Jaguars-Adrian Clayborn: Nobody works harder than this DE out of Iowa. Along with Aaron Kampman, Clayborn will be able to disrupt every pass as well as slow down the run: a nightmare for all offenses.
  17. New England Patriots-Cameron Jordan: Patriot fans-stop the weeping-Cameron Jordan looks to be the player to replace Richard Seymour! The versatile athlete from Cal can be successful in a handful of ways for the Pats in the seasons to come.
  18. San Diego Chargers-Ryan Kerrigan: Kerrigan has been referred to as the hardest worker in the draft. His continuos fight after every snap will supply a hardworking ethic to a declining Chargers defense.
  19. New York Giants-Stephen Paea: Paea, with the aid of his rugby experience and island warrior mentality, will add a pressure up the middle to accent the Giant’s glamorous duo of defensive ends of Tuck and Umenyiora.
  20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Nate Solder: With the Bucs linemen aging, Solder will be a long term hard-worker who is versatile and athletic enough to play guard or tackle.
  21. Kansas City Chiefs-Tyron Smith: Smith is regarded as the best pass-blocker in the draft. Coach Todd Haley is looking to re-vamp the passing attack starring Dwayne Bowe by protecting quarterback Matt Cassel, and Tyron Smith is capable of doing just that.
  22. Indianapolis Colts- Gabe Carimi: Peyton Manning got completely knocked around last season, so it is without doubt that Indianapolis will be selecting linemen to protect their star quarterback. Carimi is capable of immediately starting at tackle in Indianapolis due to his size and surprising athleticism.
  23. Philadelphia Eagles-Aldon Smith: This is one pure athlete with raw talent at the Defensive end position. With the help of the coaches, Smith is capable of developing into Jevon Kearse-a name that all Eagle fans can relate to.
  24. New Orleans Saints-Cameron Heyward: This defensive lineman ravaged the big ten the last couple of year and due to his work ethic is capable of doing the same in the NFL. Heyward carries early first round value  for someone who is  taken later in the day.
  25. Seattle Seahawks-Jake Locker: Coach Pete Carroll has had the pleasure of coaching against this stud in the PAC 10 over the last couple years.A quarterback with the caliber of Locker can do big things with the weapons of Marshawn Lynch, John Carlson, and Golden Tate in Seattle.
  26. Baltimore Ravens-Leonard Hankerson: Hankerson is an absolute horse. His size and physicality will take some attention off Anquan Boldin and allow himself to be a dominant possession receiver in the NFL.
  27. Atlanta Falcons-JJ Watt: Watt is considered the best 5 scheme player in the draft so he will fit fine in Atlanta’s defense. Watch out NFC-this guy goes hard on every snap.
  28. New England Patriots-Mikel Leshoure: Leshoure is the ideal back for the ‘Tom Brady Offense’. Capable of lowering his shoulder on third down, Leshoure is also an excellent pass blocker.
  29. Chicago Bears-Derek Sherrod: Sherrod isn’t the biggest or strongest lineman in the draft but his footwork makes up for it. This tackle from Mississippi State will protect the outside and allow more time for quarterback Jay Cutler to make better decisions.
  30. NY Jets-Akeem Ayers: Ayers can develop his raw talents into a great pass rusher off the edge. He has his faults in coverage and scheme, but his natural talents allow him to be a future dominance in the league.
  31. Pittsburgh Steelers-Ras I Dowling: Dowling surprised scouts by returning to Virginia last year. His speed and agility are above average but his strength and durability need improvement in order to make a difference in this league.
  32. Green Bay Packers-Ryan Williams: The Packers look to add even more depth to their backfield with Virginia Tech standout Ryan  Williams. His power, and his ability to block fits Coach Mike  McArthy’s pass-heavy offensive scheme.

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