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The Missing Link: Atlantic Divison

This week, OST will focus on a different division of the NBA each day and take a closer look at what is prohibiting each franchise from making the jump to the next level. Enjoy and check back in each day for the remainder of the divisions.

Atlantic Division

                  What They Need:

Boston- A Time Machine

It is clear that the Big 3 are not as young as they once were, or even as young as when they originally assembled back in 2007. It is no surprise that with the combination of Boston’s inability to run the floor and the C’s lack of rebounds, currently ranking 29th in the league, more and more responsibility will be placed on the shoulders of the team’s injury-prone and assist-minded point guard in Rajon Rondo. Sorry Beantown, the train has left the station.

New Jersey– A Grade A Scorer

There is no way any team, let alone one without a solid identity nor superstar, can win games while boasting not even 90 points per game while allowing nearly 100 each contest. However, The New Jersey Nets, Brooklyn Nets, The Moscow Jay-Z’s do have an enthusiastic front office, three solid rebounders in the front court of Lopez, Okur and Humphries and a do-it-all pointguard in Deron Williams. If the Nets can manage to land an elite scorer, they may be able to enter the discussion…could rookie Marshon Brooks possibly assume that role?

New York– Defense

The firepower that the Knicks provide on the offensive end is equal to that of the courtside celebrities that fill the Garden nightly. Despite the team’s ability to score points, New York in recent years has been plagued with a sub-par defense. Newly acquired Tyson Chandler and rookie Iman Shumpert are so far succeeding in working fervently to cleanse the squad from this blemish, but the shortened season will surely test the team’s depth and stamina at the defensive end come Playoff time.

Philadelphia– An icon

No team can any longer sleep on the Sixers based on their play thus far in the season. Statistically, Doug Collin’s squad is holding their opponent to only 85 points per game, the lowest amount allowed in the league, while still scoring just about triple digits in every contest. With the acquisition of an icon, a face for the struggling franchise, Phila will finally be able to fill the arena, receive the attention they deserve, and most importantly tear down the ‘AI’-stricken banners and billboards that surround the arena!

Toronto– A Relocation

Even if the Raptors fielded a team of the best players in the league, they wouldn’t attract either enough attention from the press and the league, nor enough Canadian fans to become relevant. The league has the word National in its title for a reason, call it quits in Toronto, ditch the dinosaur and move to either Pittsburgh or St. Louis for crying out loud!


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