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From Boredom to Makeovers

For teams like the Marlins, Orioles, Jays and the Royals there has been few to look forward to since the MLB regular season ended. Correction, for teams such as these, there was hardly anything to look forward from the start of the season. Anyways, this offseason has been filled with more than attempts to entice talented free agents in joining their maimed ball-club. In fact, these 4 teams are a part of the handful of squads that have unveiled completely new or made altercations to their uniforms. Whether as simple as the deletion of an underline or a complete re-branding, the new uniforms are worth checking out. Enjoy!

Florida Miami Marlins

Although they were leaked far before the unveiling, the new Marlins attire has certainly managed to make a splash in South FLA. After mourning the loss of the beloved teal-and-black, Lins fans have began to warm up to the new and tropical garb. Lets face it: new uniforms were needed in an attempt to re-brand the club as they relocate to the 305, besides; the yellow,blue,orange combonation suites South Beach far more than the past colors. After many seasons observing solely black and white, I wonder if Ozzie Guillen’s eyes can handle these creations!

San Diego Padres

Before the Padres can start to clean up their act on the diamond, apparently a wardrobe touch-up was necessary. Some piping here, a few accents there and the touch-ups are done, quick and painless. No worries Mr. Burgundy, Sand Diego is indeed staying classy!

Baltimore Orioles

I present to you the Baltimore Orioles, catalyst of the ‘Past/Future Blend Trend’. Although at first sight one would presume that the O’s have gone back to the old cartoon bird, the new mascot is actually a combination of his past relatives. Check out the wide array of new uniforms and notice that the Orioles have successfully crafted a multi-colored panel hat!

New York Mets

No-More-Black… simple as that.

Toronto Blue Jays

Hey! Guess what, the BLUE Jays are now wearing…whatdyaknow, BLUE! The new look combines the angry and sleek designs of the recent angry ‘black jay’ with the harmless hues and logo of the past bird. The recently released uniforms are modeled after the old versions while presenting a modern flair. Check out the Home, Road and Alternate uniforms!

Houston Astros

Feel free to join the movement to revert back to the old uniforms here!

Kansas City Royals

The change in uniform for the struggling Royals is basically a notch toned down. The new alternates have veered from the ‘suffocation of baby blue’ approach and now look a tad more harmonious. The new road jerseys feature a KC themed All Star Game patch and a down-sized script, a small but professional change.

Cleveland Indians.

The Indians have unveiled “new” home and alternate uniforms for next season, the reason for the quotes…see for yourself.

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