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O for Overrated


For a team as highly ranked as #3, Oklahoma State is truly overrated. I won’t go as far as to say that the areal combination of quarterback Brandon Weeden and receiver Justin Blackmon isn’t one of the nation’s best, but I will state that the Cowboys are advertised much better than they actually are. Granted, Oklahoma St. accounts for the second most passing yards and points scored this season, but after digging deeper you will find that there is much more than meets the eye. The Cowboys just barely squeaked past opponents Texas A&M and Kansas St., two teams that feature a defense that allows nearly 30 points each game. The Cowboys boast glamorous statistics such as scoring more than 50 points in 5 games this year but when you combine a quarterback with such a powerful arm, team him up with arguably the nation’s best receiver and repeatedly line them up against sub-par defenses stats like these are almost expected … this will all change of December 3rd when matched up against rival Oklahoma. Finally the Cowboys will be put to the test against a defense both worthy and capable of slowing down if not stopping the high flying offensive attack of Coach Mike Gundy and Oklahoma St. The Sooners have allowed less than 20 points a game on average, a number that the Cowboys have exceeded in each contest this season. Oklahoma also presents a threat unfamiliar to the Cowboys: a fierce pass rush. 28-year old quarterback Brandon Weeden and the untested Cowboy offensive line will be put to the test against Frank Alexander, one of the nation’s top pass rushers, and the rest of the Oklahoma defensive line. There will be more than just pride riding in this regular season finale game for both teams: apart from the ever-present significance of this bitter rivalry, the past top-ranked Sooners will have a chance to knock off highly ranked Oklahoma State, granted the Cowboys beat Texas Tech and Iowa State in their ensuing games. If the lights weren’t bright enough, the stage will be set for a classic Big 12 clash between two teams fighting for the Big 12 Championship. All eyes will be watching this game on December 3rd, and all eyes will witness how overrated Oklahoma St. truly is!


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