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Lookin’ Good!

With the new football season quickly approaching, here are some teams that decided to invest in a uniform makeover this off-season.

Arizona State Sun Devils

I guess in Arizona when it rains it pours, because this off-season Arizona State not only altered their football uniforms but completely renovated their entire logo and color scheme. Ditching the Walt Disney-rejected dancing devil, ASU now features a devil’s pitchfork both on their helmets and as their primary logo for all sports. The Nike affiliated program released several variations of football uniforms to be worn this fall including three different helmets and a handful of flashy top-and-bottom combinations. Although the new logo has attracted unwanted controversy due to a comparable Chicago-based gang, the Sun Devil’s re-branding was a total success! The program isn’t to the caliber of conference-opponent Oregon when it comes to looks nor play on the field, but no longer will the Arizona State faithful be forced to wait for some much-needed flair when it comes to their football team.


Kentucky Wildcats

Although the ‘Cats didn’t change too much, now at least the football uniforms can start to be compared to the very extravagant Kentucky basketball unifroms . The biggest addition Nike made was taking the checkered pattern from the hardwood to the gridiron where the Kentucky football players will for the first time sport the look on their shoulders. The pattern pays homage to Secretariat, the famous Kentucky horse that won the triple-crown back in 1973. Also the pattern will be the same color as its background to give it a more faded look, an idea that Nike also snagged from the basketball team. Besides some grey trim, a checkered pattern, and a use of both a blue and a white helmet the Wildcats didn’t change much. Most of the uniform changes were made to the uniform itself: a lighter and more comfortable material and a jersey that is adaptable to heat, cold, and water will be dawned by the ‘Cats this fall. All in all, one Kentucky correspondent said it best, “Win games and these uniforms will look better”.


Maryland Terrapins*

Why the astrik, it’s because the university hasn’t officially released the uniforms. Well then how do I know, its because one, some pictures have leaked onto the web and two, the Terps sport the new look in the newest edition of EA Sport’s NCAA Football video game. Why so many questions, just trust me and my inside source: Maryland has some new uniforms and they are better than ever. In case you didn’t know; the Oregon Ducks are to Nike as the Maryland Terrapins are to Under Armour, so the Terrapin football team is the lab rat for the already-renowned yet still up-and-coming  manufacturer whose headquarters reside in Baltimore. The new uniforms, which are scheduled to be released later this month, will feature never before seen patterns and designs, one of which will finally answer the burning question we all ask:what in the world is a Terrapin? That is all the insight I can give, otherwise you either have to wait until the uniforms are released, try to brake into the Ender Armour fortress in Baltimore, or go out and buy NCAA 12.  So unless the folks up in Eugene are preparing to launch a uniform that releases a quacking noise whenever the team breaks the plane, it looks like Under Armour has one-upped their #1 opponent with the release of these babies:

 UA:1, NIKE:0

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