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The American Dream

It started with a ‘Decision’, was instigated by pictures of burning jerseys and distraught fans. It carried on into the season with creative chants that provoked subjects of sheer hatred and celebrations of losses that went hand in hand with the league-wide scrutiny. It escalated as the playoffs took place and reached it’s peak when the Public Enemy Number One: Miami Heat qualified for the NBA Finals. There were cheers when they lost and animosity when they won. The season was capped off with vibrant acclamations while the villainous Big Three dragged into the locker room empty handed. The nation’s rejoices were heard even  louder than the Dallas cheers, but overall in the end, the 305 was left with absolutely nothing to smile about. To the dismay of the city of Miami but to the celebrations of the rest of the nation, the Miami Heat have come up short. With the game 6 win, the Dallas Mavericks have become the NBA champions. What developed into a Hollywood movie-like season did not end with a Disney ending. The underdog did not overcome the adversity, there was no comeback win to prove the critiques wrong,and the main character did not rise above all and prevail. In this occasion, the fantasy team is left without a happy ending.

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